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Thanks for using our Online Estimate. It should go without saying that the estimates we get for you are only as good as what we can see.
The better the photos, the better the bids.

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5 Star Collision Photo Guide

Getting a good bid requires good photos. The better the images…the better the bids. We allow for up to 4 photos. Also, taking photos at medium (or web) resolution will help for a speedy upload. First, be sure your car is in good light. Natural light (sun) is usually best, but try to avoid having the sunlight directly in your face while you take the pictures (behind your back usually work well). If it’s cloudy or grey out, go ahead and try a flash. You might need to experiment a bit with this.

Next, try to get multiple angles on the damaged area. 1 shot straight on, 1 shot from in front of the damage and 1 more from behind. See our photo angle image illustration below.